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Fusus New Heavy Duty

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It has the same process technology of the Okay Plus Vac , from which it differs for a higher standard of construction that make it suitable to Heavy Duty applications .

Accurate Computer-controlled PID adjusts power as set temperature is approached assuring accuracy and eliminating overshoot.

Dynamic double-swing arm for straight and smooth entry of molten metal into the center of the flask. Produces high quality dense castings.

It guarantees repeatability of the results.

Casting chamber under full vacuum with appropriate inert gas protection (argon or nitrogen). Vacuum removes gases from the invested flask minimizing or eliminating gas porosity and radically enhances crucible life, argon or nitrogen gas prevents oxidation of gold and platinum alloys.

Medium-frequency induction melting with self-stirring effect to ensure absolute homogeneity from the top to the bottom of the cast tree.

Fusus New HD incorporates the system features and the latest process control technology for high-production casting of both platinum and gold with extremely fast cycle times (just abt 60 seconds for platinum and 3 minutes for gold).

Fully automatic and semiautomatic cycles. In the automatic cycle, operator sets new casting parameters or choose a program stored in memory, then push one button to initiate the complete casting cycle. In the semi-automatic cycle, when temperature reaches the set point, operator can watch the melt and push the casting button to start the centrifugal arm when the metal is considered ready.

All casting parameters are programmable and can be stored in memory, including precise controlled metal temperature, r.p.m. of the centrifugal arm, acceleration, vacuum and gas pressure.

All functions are controlled by a full-color touch-screen computer mounted on an articulated box that can be easily positioned for the operator convenience.

Two temperature control systems: immersion thermocouple for gold up to 1,150°C (2,100 °F) and infrared optical pyrometer for platinum up to 2,100 °C (3,800 °F) ± 2%.

Optional state-of-the-art Land Instruments Dual-Color Optical Controller available for maximum temperature accuracy of platinum up to 2,100°C (3,800 °F) ± 1%. This fiber-optic pyrometer is designed for precise platinum temperature measurement.Highly recommended for use with automatic cycle for platinum. Must be ordered with the machine, impossible to retrofit it.

Available with choice of 60- or 100-cubic meter vacuum pump (optional). Includes crucible kit (please specify gold or platinum) and flask cradle (please specify flask size).Includes installation and operator training.

•Electrical:Trifase 230/400 V – 50 Hz (disponibili altri voltaggi) – 10 kW / Threephase 230/400 V – 50 Hz (other voltages available) – 10 kW
 350 g – 500 g Pt crogiolo in zirconio sinterizzato;
 500 g acciaio crogiolo in carburo di silicio;
 2 Kg oro 24 kt crogiolo in grafite; /
 350 g – 500 g Pt sintered zirconium crucible;
 500 g Steel silicon carbide crucible;
 2 Kg gold 24 Kt graphite crucible;
•Max Temperature:2150°C
•Temperature Control System:
– termocoppia ad immersione per l’oro fino a 1,150°C (2,100 °F);
– pirometro ottico con sonda a raggi infrarossi per il platino fino a 2,100°C (3,800°F) ± 2%;
– (optional) pirometro ottico Land Instruments bicolore a fibre ottiche per il Pt fino a 2,100°C (3,800°F) ± 1%; / – immersion thermocouple for gold up to 1,150°C (2,100 °F);
– infrared optical pyrometer for platinum up to 2,100 °C (3,800 °F) ± 2%;
– (Optional) state-of-the-art Land Instruments Dual-Color Optical Controller available for maximum temperature accuracy of platinum up to 2,100°C (3,800 °F) ± 1%.
•Max.Flask Size:
 Ø min. 80 mm – Ø max 120 mm
 h min. 100 mm – h max. 160 mm
•Air Requirement:6 bar
•Water Requirement:
ad acqua 3 litri/minuto collegato direttamente alla rete idrica o ad un refrigeratore / 3 liters/minute connected to the water network or to a ‘chiller’
•Inert Gas Requirement:Argon, Azoto, Elio / Nitrogen, argon, helium
•Vacuum Pump:60 o 100 m³/ora (venduta separatamente) / 60 or 100 m³/hour (sold separately)
•Peso Netto/Lordo / Net/Ship Wt.:280 / 355 Kg
•Dimensions:base mm 850 x mm 1050 – alt. mm 1300 (pirometro ottico incluso) / 850 mm d x 1050 mm w. 1300 mm h (including optical pyrometer)
•Guarantee:12 months

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